I am an American multimedia journalist who has contributed to the Atlantic, Fast Company, National Geographic, New York Observer, VICE News, and more. I began reporting on global affairs as a field correspondent for the Unreasonable Institute, an organization focused on promoting peace and security through social enterprise. I have traveled to cover solutions to the world's most pressing problems spanning technology, business, the environment and economics in Afghanistan, East Africa, Latin America and Asia. Recent work includes reportage on female entrepreneurs in Afghanistan; profiles of impact driven companies and organizations, and community-led peace-building initiatives in conflict and post-conflict regions. 

Educational background: I studied at the University of Colorado in Boulder from 2010-2014 and graduated with a B.A. in the humanities with a strong focus in peace and conflict studies. I was selected as one of sixteen students to study in the two-year INVST community studies and leadership program. This allowed me to apply an academic understanding of environmental issues and immigration to summer-long investigative trips throughout the U.S. SW and in Nicaragua. I earned an Americorp award for volunteering on a Navajo reservation and for my work on a non-partisan Get Out the Vote campaign to inspire young people to engage in politics.

Science enthusiast; fierce affinity for snails. 

To get in touch: caytebosler@gmail.com